1. great post! 🙂

    We can fake ourselves out to get or do anything we want!…. but we are not fooling HIM. We may be able to convince ourselves & others that what we got/did was "God's will" because the 'peace' assures us of it…. but He knows the heart and we aren't growing if we aren't honest & open with Him. He knows if we are self focused or Him focused…. and I believe we DO know that too – even if we choose to ignore that truth.

    Thanks Sandy! 🙂

  2. Well, you know, in college, I dated a guy that God was so not thrilled about. I ended up losing like 10 pounds because I knew I was being disobedient and couldn't eat because I was just so sick about it (obviously not so sick that I broke up with him immediately, but hey, perhaps I'm slow, too). Talk about not having peace. But you know, one month after I broke it off with him, I met my sweet husband. Is God not gracious!

    Sandy — I'm starting something new on my blog. Will you pray about joining me? You can read more about it on my newest blog post.

  3. Since I wasn't here first time around, I am so glad you are re-releasing this great material.

    I have been watching real peace this last month, as a dear friend found out her husband had a rare brain disease. He died one month later. As friends around the world prayed . . . peace came, even in horrible circumstances.



  4. This is a great post, and has given me much to think about! I can SO relate to the "needing an answer" because of being in limbo! Thanks for sharing!

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