1. Sandy, I posted a conversation God and I had on Tuesday morning, and was going to spend some time today unpacking the whole "does God really speak?" question. But I can't do it near as well as you just did, so instead I'll send my peeps (all 4 of them) over here!

    P.S. Gordita is the BEST nickname I've ever heard!

  2. Sandy, I can relate to this post on SO many different levels. The obvious, of course, being our little Mabel who is waiting for us in Korea, but also b/c I have just started my first Bible study ever. That's right. EVER. And what you wrote about allowing yourself to be open to God's word really resonated with me. Thanks for this post. If you don't mind, I would love to point the other ladies in my group to your blog post.


  3. Hi Sandy!
    I loved this. Thank you. You are so right in saying God speaks through His Word and I am so glad you encouraged all of us to love it and immerse ourselves in it.
    My passion is that it is important to approach the Word, not as an intellectual "study" as for a class, but a chance to hang out with our lover/Father/best friend who is pouring out love and blessing on us!
    My only question is about that whole 95% deal… not sure I can get behind this theologically. I get that this seems safe… after all we don't want people running out there and saying God is speaking all kinds of lunacy in the name of God.
    However, if the church was planted by simple, uneducated people who did not even have the "Word" (even the Old Testament,as many of the new converts could not read)and certainly not the Word we have today, I believe there must be a way for people to learn to hear the voice of God that is not 95% written in their Bibles. I agree with you that it will not contradict what is written there, and that reading will give us practice immersing ourselves in His voice.
    These people turned the world upside down with the Holy Spirit power they had, and I just think they had to be able to "get" what God was saying, you know??
    I personally can attest to God speaking to me through my Bible (as you described) but He has so many times spoken to me profoundly in other ways which do not negate the Word, but are more specific to my life. My challenge over the years is to become a better listener and more obedient to what I have heard! I find obedience the key to hearing better and more…
    I'm going to love following this as you re-share the rest, since I wasn't a reader the first time around.
    One quote that challenges me:
    “It’s difficult to expect the same fruit of the early church when we value a book they didn’t have more than the Holy Spirit they did have. This (Bible)is the Word of God, but it is the Spirit of God that makes it living.”

  4. So grateful for God's Word. This post makes me want to read it more.

    Sandy, the picture of you in your first moments with your daughter . . . my oh my . . . lovely.


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