1. Thanks…I needed these words. Although I am exercising and tightening up I am not seeing the weight come off…so discouraged. It sure is harder at age 49 than when I had four little kids in my 30's…oh, well, I will be back for more encouraging words!

  2. So, I think working a 13 hour day, on my feet all day with an apple, banana, snack size Butterfinger, nonfat Pumpkin Spice Latte from Starbucks, complete with a piece of their banana bread with chocolate chips (a friend took pity on me and made a food run) that I scarfed down so fast I didn't even TASTE it I was so hungry didn't help me today. I'm pretty sure no breaks are sabotaging my diet. I was so tired I got in the PASSENGER side of my car to drive home and I scarfed down half a pizza when I got home (my husband "cooked") and now, I'm about to fall into bed. Why did I become a nurse?

  3. This is great — I needed to write my Blissfully Domestic health article for October, sat down to write it, and happened to see your blog post. It was confirmation that I needed to continue to write about food addiction and how easy it is to backslide into bad habits.

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