1. Oh Sandy, I just luv ya. Everything you write is inspirational and usually brings me to tears. I read your beautiful post on Noah yesterday and welled right up. I don't even know what else to say, but thank you. Thank you for being willing to open up and write from the heart.

  2. Bounced over from Jen's, and I can really connect with so much of what you are saying. I really like the space you have here, and I loved Radical…a good read to get everyone thinking!

  3. oh.my.dear. I love your heart, your raw honesty. I was really convicted by this post on (in)courage today and then reading yours…it must be a message. It's not about adoption for me, but I have definitely made "free time" my idol in a lot of ways — the way I crave it because I feel that I never have enough of it. Here's the link: http://www.incourage.me/2010/10/idol-time.html

  4. Sandy, I always like the way you share not only your journey, but how you got to the place you are . . . so helpful. This style of teaching really motivates me.


  5. Sandy,
    Your writing touches my very soul! I can hardly tell you how much it means to have a heart sister out in another state who shares so passionately the journey of the Lord's call!
    This is true no matter what He asks. Saying yes to Jesus is radical, and its not at all about doctrine. It is about risk and obedience.
    Obeying Jesus always seems to make my heart beat a little faster, makes me know that if He is not in it, I will be just hanging out on the limb when it comes crashing down.
    My obedience to Jesus always costs others something too. Sometimes its all I can do to stand in faith that this will be good for the whole family!
    Thank you. Thank you! You've done it again… I can't read your blog without crying… and being so encouraged!

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