1. This sounds so scrumptious. I think I could eat soup everyday. Wonder how it would work with skim milk or 1%? Might have to sub that in and find out. Probably not nearly as creamy.

    I am still working through your book on balance. Life has been unbalanced so I haven’t had much time to work on it but I am on Chapter 6. Baby steps!

    1. Hi Leslie!

      I have not tried it with reduced fat milk, but I did make it once with whole milk and it turned out great. I’m not sure why you prefer reduced fat dairy, but consider that reduced fat milk is highly processed and is actually not very good for you. I know it goes against the thinking of the last 20 years, all the science now points to the fact that eating saturated fat from natural sources does not make us fat (it’s actually sugar–I know, it makes me sad, too). Of course, eat the way you want to eat 🙂 but I just wanted to throw that in there so you are not afraid of the fat in the milk or cream. An alternative that I would like to try but may alter the taste is full-fat coconut milk (the canned kind, not the ones in the carton in the refrigerator section).

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