1. Two things:

    1) Why didn’t you tell me you were coming over to take pictures of my house? I totally would have left some chocolate cake on the counter for you.

    2) I have seriously contemplated doing this exact thing on my blog. But you know, procrasination and all…..

    I am trying to talk myself into getting one thing done per day, at least 3 days a week. One drawer, one cubby, one counter, etc. I did some of that today. It gets more challenging on work days, but there really isn’t a reason I can’t eek out 10 minutes. Rome wasn’t built (or taken down and uncluttered) in a day……

  2. I can’t take the clutter either. I can’t seem to concentrate when I see it. I’ve started focusing on one area at a time. It was hard at first because I could see all the other clutter taunting me. But once I stayed focused on that one area and got it done it felt great. Then I moved on to the next. Of course, I had to build a spreadsheet to keep up with my progress. I’ve been through the whole house now twice. I’ll keep on because it is amazing how much better I feel (not to mention how the house looks) and I keep finding small pockets of clutter I’d forgotten about. BTW, I’ve found a few treasures too.

    You’ve got this!

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