1. I was just posting today on how to help my girls (9 and 6) believe in their true selves. My 9 yr. Old has several school mates who are on diets (both self and parent imposed) and she asked me if she needed to go on a diet. Uh – seriously no. Regardless of her size, it seems me that she is already facing these issues at such a young age. My 6 yr. Old has school mates that wear make up everyday – in kindergarten. It has become such an issue (those that wear makeup tease those that don’t) that the teacher sent a letter home reminding parents of the rules and specifically mentioning that while makeup is not welcome in the classroom, modest clothing is. Ugh. And we love in a fairly upstanding community. A link to the Mean Kid post brought me here (bravo) and I am doubly grateful that I kept reading. The next few days will continue to be offering days and my daughters will have letters that they hopefully will treasure by Sunday. Thank you!

    1. Apparently, I didn’t check well enough… I was PONDERING, not posting. And.. the next few days will continue to be PONDERING days… ugh. Sorry for not checking more closely.

    2. I’m so glad you clicked around and found this post. It’s a long road, parenting these girls through to adulthood. We are fighting a lot of voices and influences. But God is able to equip us as moms to know what to say, how to say it and how to be a good role model. You will do an excellent job, I’m sure!

  2. I’m a french mom of 3 kids (5yo, 3yo and a half and 9 months), I try to give the most I can to them. And I want to thank you because today I’ve read 2 articles from your blog (lettre to my daughter and when you discuss with your kid about mean nid), and it speaks to my mom’s heart. This will inspire me for my next discussion with my lovely kids. Thank you and your are a great mom, your kids are very lucky.

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