1. My first concert was the Osmond Brothers. Most people don't know that Donny & I almost got married.

    My most recent concert was James Taylor & Carole King, with the man that truly won my heart. It will be one of my favorites for a lot of reasons, but one is standing up singing "How Sweet It Is" and realizing how true that was standing there with my man.

    Enjoy JT and let us know how much you loved it.

  2. Three points:
    1. I felt bad later about razzing (do the kids say "razzing" anymore) Jon about the James Taylor concert. I texted you BOTH to have a great time and to yell "Free Bird" at the show(does Eliana's teacher know "Free Bird? If not, you have to change schools). Anyway, I tried to make up for it.

    2. You should sing one of the following if on Idol: Time After Time, Do You Really Want to Hurt Me?, or Beat It.

    3. My first concert (I think) was Sting after his first solo album came out. The best concert was U2. Second best was Brad Paisley (Which I've blogged about, so don't delete my upcoming guest post. You may deprive these people from finding my blog and reading about fun things like Brad Paisley, Meteorologists and 3M).

  3. Lori, I can't wait to sing "How Sweet it is" tonight. I will let you know how it goes.

    Kevin, I felt so betrayed by your friendly texting banter when I found out it was preceded by you dogging James Taylor. I'm not sure I can get past this.

  4. Great post! My favorite concert was outdoors in the medium town I grew up near (about 50,000 at that time). It was Emmy Lou Harris, the Gatlin Brothers and Ronnie Milsap. I couldn't believe (still can't!) that Emmy Lou came to my area in the middle of nowhere!! And the only time I ever watched American Idol is when my 14 year old neighbor forced me to while I was keeping her company one evening. (Can't call it babysitting at that age!)

  5. I feel that Steven/Stephen is a very good judge but dresses like a skinny male version of Maude (Bea Arthur).

    'Thought Casey was having a heart attack, breakdown or SOMEthing…
    Turned out he was in shock!

  6. Oh my gosh, you have me laughing out loud here! (OMG, I'm LOL!!) Have I ever told you you're hysterical?

    My first concert was . . . wait for it . . . Dan Fogelburg. Do you even know who Dan Fogelburg is?

    But the BEST concert I ever went to was U2–the Vertigo tour. Amazing!

  7. Cabinart: I am so sorry you never really watched Idol. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

    Jen: Yes. Turn around bright eyes, indeed.

    Melanie: hilarious.

    Shelly: of COURSE I know Dan Fogelburg! How can you know the likes of James Taylor and NOT know Dan Fogelburg!!! His song "Same Auld Lang Sign" (spelling, anyone?) is sort of mine and Jon's song. Sort of. Because we ran into each other after not seeing each other for years. Only we ended up getting married. Whereas that song ends very sadly for the couple.

    He died recently, you know. Also sad. RIP, Dan.

  8. Love the random thoughts… love, love, love!

    First concert – "Three Dog Night" (I'm old)
    Second concert – not that you asked – Elton John
    Others – Diana Ross and oh yes, the very favorite – James Taylor. His x-wife, Carly, sang for me at a book signing!

    As for hiding from kids to pray – no kids but at work I run to the bathroom stall!

  9. First concert: Reba Mcentire. I'm from Oklahoma…And she's from Oklahoma, and it was the State Fair and she rode in on a stage coach singing, and it was magical…

    I'm still not fully recovered and I was maybe 9 at the time!

    I love Steven Tyler. Love him.

    Love him.

    Seriously. I have no idea why, but I have ALWAYS love him, even when I was driving the tractor and the only station I could get was talk radio or K101 which was country and I knew every word to every country song…I still loved Aerosmith…

    "Love in an Elevator" is classic.

    have fun at James Taylor!

    And I'm in awe that your parents let you go to those concerts. But then, I wasn't even allowed to watch Three's Company, so there ya go!

  10. Im with Shelly on the laughing here! I love your random thoughts! Two thoughts from me…

    1. American Idol is SOOOO good this year!! It's my absolute favorite season! I love the roles your family plays during each show. Tell Rebekah I said "Hi peaches". LOL!

    2. My first concert…. are you ready for this? Remember Im young… BILLY RAY CYRUS!! HAHAHAHA! Now that's something to laugh about! If it makes up for it, my favorite concert has been Casting Crowns 🙂

    As always, great post!

  11. Lol.

    You are so funny!

    I hope your haircut turned out nicely!

    My first concert? I'm a little embarrassed to admit it. I went to a few small ones but my first arena concert…..was NSYNC. Lord, help me.

    You're awesome.

    – Kate 🙂

  12. I love JT and would totally watch AI if I could convince the rest of my family to partake.

    Jen and Sandy, Total Eclipse of the Heart gives ME bright eyes!!

    My first concert was Chicago at Six Flags a looooooong time ago. I saw Alabama in ninth grade. I usually wasn't allowed to go such places!!

    My favorite concert was Billy Joel/Elton John with my hubs. We've seen then together twice and will go again if they come. My favorite song they sang together was Uptown Girl… so just go ahead and call me cheesy and be done with it.

    My husband would kill me if I didn't say Jimmy Buffet was the best concert hands down. He's fun and you get to do crazy stuff like dance barefoot and not stand out haha We were on the seventh row last year and it was awesome.

    I hide from my kids in the pantry, bathroom and closet regularly. Sometimes I just go to my room and lock the door. 🙂

  13. Love your random post – made me laugh out loud! 🙂 My first concert (I think – I'm so old I can't remember back that far) was RONNIE MILSAP! hahaha! Used to love to go see Petra when they would come to my home town every year. But my favorite two concerts (I know, wide chasm between the two) have been 1) Garth Brooks, and 2) Casting Crowns with Chris Tomlin and Steven Curtis Chapman….awesome!

    Thanks for this fun post! Hope your haircut was great! 🙂

  14. First concert- the Judds at the state fair. With my Dad. And, yes, I loved it. Most recent was Bryan Adams. In between I have seen just about everyone but one of my favs was ZZ Top. Yes, I know I'm weird. I like almost all music and just enjoy a good concert.

    And I hide from my kids often. Just a couple of quiet minutes can save a whole day. The best hiding place is in their rooms when they are supposed to be cleaning. There's no way they'll come in looking for me!


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