1. Sandy you are toofunny. i need to print this off and put it on the fridge. Whats so funny and ironic is that I walked into my house from school and errands this morning and just began talking to myself about how I wanted to go back to bed, but the house was such a mess. There is MESS in every single room!! Every Single Room!!! I’ve not let it get like this in a good while actually…but oh man.. So.. today, I will be doing the same. AND making soap. I’ve been working on a LARGE order and that has taken up some of my time.
    OH.. and I LOVE your pocketbook!k

  2. Hey! My house looked like that Monday! I got in a fit and cleaned it….My kitchen is still a pit, but I have a hard time winning that battle. Cute post!

  3. Oh Sandy, you are a hoot! Leave it to you to write a blog post to your house. I love your sense of humor and writing style. And btw, I won’t let you down. This Friday is Fitness Friday, friend. I’ll remember the day of the week.

  4. Oh PRAISE GOD, there are friends in this world who will be REAL with you!!!

    Sandy….YOU ROCK!! You know, I think it would be LIBERATING for ALL of us, if we took pictures of our “heaps” and posted them….for all too see!! (And, it would be a great defense against the “LIAR” who tries to tell us, DAILY, that we don’t measure up to all these other ladies who seemingly “have it all together”!!)

    All we can do is laugh, huh?! There’s just SO much more in life that I want to do, besides be CHAINED to my house….cleaning!!! Most importantly….my 3 precious little bundles 🙂

    I just LOVE you so much, Sandra Cooper!! You’re SUCH an amazing friend!!

    Don’t scrub too hard…it’s going to be a GORGEOUS weekend, here in our neck of the woods!! 😉

  5. This is my house right now too. I keep saying today I will… and for some reason (currently it is double ear infection with kid #3) I get nothing done. Oh I did clean a mirror and sink today because I stuck to the toothpaste on the side and could not see in the mirror anymore. It is strange how priorities change and kids really do rule your every minute!!!!!!! Got to go kids are calling…. Jennifer Burton

  6. What a funny post! I kept thinking of that commercial about the swiffer duster taking over the house and the broom sending flowers to the lady of the house and then singing “Baby come back”. Thanks for the laugh…I needed that today!

  7. Why are you posting pictures of my house on your blog???

    Separated at birth I tell ya!

    Ummmm…add to that a mommy who’s never home and that’s my house.

    Today, I cleaned out my bathroom drawers…that’s a start, right? But, those are my thoughts. Let me know how you solve the I-have-to-write-but-I-also-have-to-live-work-raise-kids-and-talk-to-my-husband-at-the-minimum problem. LOL

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