1. Lord, I pray that you fill me to overflowing with your Spirit. Push down my self and renew me with more of you. Let my first thoughts, my first intentions, my first reactions be yours. I thank you and praise you Father for all that you’ve given me through your Son, Jesus Christ!

    Andrea from NH

  2. I have often times convinced myself that it was God talking…I could/would manipulate His word to say what I wanted it to say — even though in my spirit, I knew differently…

    I think in part because the HOly Spirit dwells in me and also because I have spent time in His Word and know that His voice is usually not in the hyperactive, fast talking, rush rush, push aside possible consequences (that His voice is calmly bringing to the forefront), noise I sometimes prefer to listen to… for about a split second. I can be such a child!

  3. I thank you for you're blogs it has helped me out so much. I have fights in my head and honestly this has helped me out and get clarity I am glad i have crossed paths with you blogs thank you and may God bless you!!

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