1. I was going holla back with a comment, after reading this post, it’s fantastic! Made me wake up and realize the devil was sneaking a couple lies into my life. Pray for me will you?

    Also made me realize the need to get back to writing some important stuff, I just blog about random stuff I’ve been doing, (because everything is spiritual) but I’m about to put up two book reviews soon so stay posted!

  2. Sandy, this is POWERFUL stuff. as “baby” as I am in the Christian faith, what you discussed is absolutely crucial to me.

    I am faced with certain major, major decisions and have been confused, scared, despairing over “what to do” . I no longer want to follow my own will ! I want to follow My Father’s!! thank you again for this post. I have printed it out, and will study it carefully! powerful stuff!

    maria cristina

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