1. Absolutely incredible.

    This has changed my whole outlook for today. Really.

    All of your posts are so thought-provoking and inspiring….but I think this is one of my favorites. It amazes me…how even though you have shoes laces to tie…mouths to feed….and laundry to do for three kids – you still manage to write some of the most wonderful words here on your blog. You're awesome.

    THANKS SO MUCH. I needed this.

    Kate 🙂

  2. WONDERFUL post! So many things you wrote resonate – I'm taking time to count my blessings and be extra thankful today:) Thanks for being honest about your depression/medication – it's an encouragement in many ways. God's blessings to you today

  3. Yes! 5 months and 1 week ago, I was overly concerned with aging…fighting against it.
    But with Andrew's cancer dx and his passing to Heaven, my only concern is to share the invitation to Come to Jesus.
    When your world flips upside down, and things do not turn out as you believed they should and would, what you are left with is a choice. I choose to TRUST.
    The pain doesn't lessen, the days without my son are interminable, and his pictures make me smile and cry in the same second.
    But I choose to TRUST.

  4. One of my favorites posts Sandy! Thanks so much. your friend is certainly in my prayers.
    I miss seeing you guys. Spring will hopefully be here before we know it. Looking forward to some backyard chats 🙂 Lori

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