1. Sandy, I finally wrote a Fitness Friday post and linked to you. Today is Wear Red Day to educate women about heart disease. So that is what I wrote about today.

    Your Fitness Friday post is right on as always. Food is not our enemy. I find that I sometimes use food to satisfy an emotion and that's where I get into trouble.

    Portion control and eating more fruits, veggies and whole grains has worked for me in the past. And of course, exercise is always part of the regimen as you've always preached. I'm with you totally on that.

    I've missed you Sandy and I'm glad to link up with you today.

    Love you,

  2. These are great! Many of what I followed when I started my fitness journey! Funny I came up with that without doing any reading. It´s a Journey for life! It´s so mandatory!

    I can´t wait to see what you have for this week.

    Sorry I am a week behind.
    I have a post up for this week.

    Dani Joy

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