1. If you can figure out a way to skip that nighttime bowl of cereal, please clue me in! It's sometimes all I think about when I am putting my dear sweet girls to bed…getting back downstairs for my bowl of cereal. Could I have an addiction problem =) ?? I was never an after-dinner-snacking girl until my second daughter was born and then in between her 9PM and 12PM feedings I began rewarding myself with cereal and it stuck…she is now almost four so you can imagine how much weight I have gained…did I mention I'm over 40 and basically don't exercise from November to April because it's too cold?? Help!

  2. I've actually been eating small controlled portions for the past three weeks (lost 7 lbs so far), drinking tons of water, tea in the morning, cut out gum (It was a really ugly habit), and am getting more sleep — which makes me a much happier and less crabby and cranky person. All of this, as you know, is HUGE! And I've been doing it consistently.

    So perhaps for this week, my self-discipline is to continue what I have been doing and to add some walking on a daily basis (even if it is 15 minutes).

    Thanks for the encouragement. And maybe, I can get a man to tell me I'm hot and sexy too — that would definately be a motivator. 🙂

  3. Tina,

    I hope you see this, because I want you to see the difference one bowl of cereal can make for good or for evil.

    If each bowl of cereal is about 150 calories (and that is very conservative) and you eat one every night for an entire year, you will consume 54,750 calories in cereal alone in one year.

    And that translates to about 15.6 pounds, all things being equal.

    And 62.4 pounds in four years.

    Oh my.

    There you have it…a way to skip the cereal. Does that motivate you?

    A cereal-loving sister

  4. OH girl! these are great! I am going to post them on our fitness blog! Can´t wait to send everyone over to read it!

    And totally can´t wait to "Shout it out" next week! wooo hooo!!

    Keeping at it,
    Dani Joy

  5. Sandy,

    I saw your reply to my post…and the calories…and the pounds… now I'm not confused about why I'm continually gaining weight…

    I think you found me a great motivational tool…thank you!!

    Good luck at your conference!

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