1. Thank you for the links! I specially enjoyed the first two, as I have a just-turned-13-year-old, and an 11-year-old who’s apparently going on 30. Their new “developmental stages” have brought on a whole new group of parenting challenges – as well as delights, to be fair. I was able to share the link with another mom friend who needed some encouragement. SO thank you again!

    Also, a bit of encouragement for you – this was part of my devotional calendar yesterday, and I thought it might bring a little sunshine as it did me, in our mutual home-selling madness.. “Your gravest danger is worrying about tomorrow. If you try to carry tomorrow’s burdens today, you will stagger under the load and eventually fall flat. You must discipline yourself to live within the boundaries of today. It is in the present moment that I will walk close to you, helping you carry your burdens. Keep you focus on My Presence in the present.”. The weather IS going to clear, and soon we’ll be in our new homes! Praying for just the right family to see your home, and that God’s timing is soon.

  2. Our family and our town was touched very personally four years ago by the loss of a 17 year old friend of our daughter’s due to texting while driving. I will never forget having to wake my daughter to tell her. Never. The spot of the accident is marked with a reflective cross on the tree. I always pray when people see that cross that they put their phones away. It simply is not worth it. We got along just fine before cell phones. They definitely are convenient but nothing is worth the loss of life. It all can wait. Yes even emergencies can wait sweet Rebekah. 🙂

    I am working on becoming less dependent on technology too. I have been reading quite a few blogs of other people feeling the exact same way. I truly think the balance is starting to shift and us older folks are starting to remember life before all these screens. I have thought for years that I should shut the screens off for the weekend. I think you just inspired me to get my rear in gear and do it. I’ll be sure to “go dark” tomorrow. *high five*

    Thanks for all the great links. I so understand being a mom of older teens. Mine are 20 and 17. There were so many precious moments and truly drop to your knees all I know to do is pray moments. It was exhausting, exhilarating and it went by in the blink of an eye. I have these amazing relationships with them now that I wouldn’t trade for the world but there is an aching there knowing it all will just keep changing. My oldest’s graduation was so bittersweet and so full of tears. Leaving her at college, three hours away, was gut wrenching but I was so proud of her. My youngest is only months from graduation. Sigh. As hard as it all was I wish I could do it all over again. I love being a mom.

    1. I’m so sorry about the loss of your daughter’s friend. How tragic.

      I have been backing further and further away from technology, slowly, for the last few years. I cannot believe how much more peaceful I feel as I do. It has been so refreshing to feel the difference.

      Congrats on going dark this weekend. *high five*

      1. Thank you.

        I have found the same thing…a peace does settle over me. It feels so good I want more of it. Don’t get me wrong I love technology and I have made a living online for 15 years but I miss that calm I had before living online. I am working hard to try to find a better balance in it all. Seeking God’s guidance.

        Going dark on Sunday extended to Monday and most of Tuesday! 🙂 Felt good!

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