1. Thank you for your best wishes for Spring. You’ve been to Alberta at the end of March – it is snowing!

  2. Congrats!! Seeing that sign made my heart skip. Such great news! =)

    We had our windows open a couple days ago and today it is snowing. Gotta love spring and the crazy weather changes here. lol

    1. We’ve had crazy weather, too. I still LOVE seeing the tiny buds on the trees and the daffodils bursting through the ground…even if it’s raining and 40 degrees.

  3. Speaking does that to me, too! I was a bear yesterday. Plus we had some chaos going on in regards to sale of our house. I probably should’ve just stayed in a hotel for the night after the retreat I spoke at, lol. (Your supper looks yummy-licious!)

    1. I need a full day to come down after speaking. I think for future engagements, I will do just that…actually schedule the following day either in the hotel or at home alone.

      You’re selling your house? I didn’t know that. Sorry, I’m off the grid, mostly. I don’t even know what my own family is doing half the time.

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