1. Moving…….ugh. We are in the middle of a bathroom remodel, so I feel a bit of your pain. I’m fairly certain I am inhaling drywall dust as I type – can’t seem to get that smell out of my nose!

    Loved, loved, loved the Jen Hatmaker post! I shared it on Facebook and one of my friends said she wrote the way I talk. I was flattered beyond words……;)

    Hang in there, friend. All the house stuff is exhausting, but so exciting too! Can’t wait to hear/see more in the months to come!

    1. I think bathroom remodels are the worst–well, maybe kitchen remodels. Any time there are people in your house that prohibit you from cooking or showering, it’s bad. But when it’s finished, it’s always worth it. Hang in there!

  2. Have a smooth move! I hope that everything will be over quickly so you can start enjoying being in your new home! Greets and thanks!

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