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  1. Sandy, Your visit to Nick’s site was so special to me!!!! Thank you!! I think that God’s voice sounds like so many different things…..I have heard from God through messages in clouds, ultrasounds, special numbers that bring peace because of their significance in past experiences, Scriptures that I have read or that others have shared, songs on the radio JUST when I needed them, a phone call from a friend, and the list goes on and on……..

    I believe that God is constantly longing to speak to us….it is our willingness to listen that is critical! When I start my day in fervent prayer, asking God to speak to me on that day, it NEVER fails! I hear from Him in ways unthinkable. And then there are other days that I jump into and stay driven by my own agenda….I hate those days. As I lay down to go to sleep, I often wonder what I missed hearing from God because of my inability to listen.

    Sandy, I can tell that we could be great friends!

    Love, Tammy

    PS I have a daughter from India!!!

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