1. Every time I read one of your posts, I'm thinking this chick is INSIDE my head. It was a relevant, well-worded post. Let's pray for these people.

  2. Isn't it something how Jesus is LOVE and this is how someone wants to protray his amazingness to get them saved…wow, Jesus must be crying

  3. Not that I am a totally seeker sensitive type of person…sort of you gotta mix in the reason we need grace not just make us all feel warm and fuzzy… but this type of witnessing is so not 21st century. They really do need to get wtih the program.

    Yes, if they are going to have a stage, get a really cool band to be playing. Hand out water bottles for FREE. How about snacks? Give a little meet people where they are at. Maybe some people will actually listen, someone might actually respond to the spirit, a seed might be planted. But more than likely, people will not be trying to avoid the area like the plague. Just a thought.

    I really didn't know people still did this. It's kinda embarrassing.

    And yes, if they would offer a pair of flip flops to women with swollen and in pain feet, that would certainly be something that would get people's attention.

  4. Hilarious and powerfully convicting all in one (how DO you do that?!?!?)

    I'm so with you…I just want to distance myself completely and say "I'm not like them!" Probably in the same way a Mormon would say that to someone who things they're all in muptiple marriages. Probably a bad example, but just sayin'.

    I want to go back and re-read that original post….I'm sure it's a great read too!

  5. Wow, what an amazing post! Thank you for your wonderful assessment of what you witnessed and at the same time both exhorting and beseeching in your clever and wise way. And the second 'Wow' is for this question…….how in the name of Christ (literally) can a person think they can win someone to Him without overflowing, abundant, and unexplainable love and grace? Wow- once again!!

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