1. I never got to raise boys, but I have lots of nephews. The pants in our house . . . usually had all their knees. 🙂 Enjoy the last three weeks of school.


  2. Oh yes, this is SO familiar!! My two boys go through pants in the same amount of time. When I get the boy clothes out for my second son I always have to buy pants for him as there are never any in tact. Once my oldest hit about 3 or 4 there were no more hand me down pants! 3 weeks til summer!!! Yay!

  3. I have 2 boys one is now 23 and my youngest is 12. My problem is with the shoes! I suppose because I live in Australia and close to the beach they always wore shorts. However my youngest son can go through 5 – 6 pairs of sneakers in a year. Frustrating!!

  4. Oh we have been through this many times with my two boys!!! I know when mine were little, Sears had a program for kids clothes. If they wore out before the kid out grew them you could have them replaced for free. Might check on it…it saved lots of money on school uniforms.

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