1. Ahhh… one of the best Psalms ever… and, enemies that chase us all!! I can relate to that whole story. enough said.

    Can't wait to see what my super hero FFG has been up to!!!!!!!!

  2. Once again, I am convinced we are twins. You too feared that a totally surrendered life to God would mean that you would be ugly, never get married and be sent as a missionary to Africa? ME too! I also thought God was going to make me a bad dresser — you know Bib dresses. ((sigh)) Gotta confess…I still struggle with that very fear in similar and different ways.

  3. Revelations and Psalms …. that's a lot of drama!!! That was an amazing Psalm to stumble upon in your real-life-17-year-old drama Although, I never would have guessed your were going through that back then. Difficulties can seem unsurmountable …. the Word can do amazing things!

  4. Love the story of God meeting you just where you were as a teenager.

    Who wouldn't want to read a blog with a "girl" that love Jesus and stretching . . . I'm all over it.


  5. I feared God would send me to Africa, too. Isn't it funny, though, sometimes He asks me to do things that seem much harder than that and I never thought to fear THOSE things.

    Can't wait to see the new blog!

  6. You know whats even funnier is that as a teen you DO believe God will crush them before your eyes LOL i can so say BEEN THERE!!!
    I was a too confused teen, i religion hopped but at least I found the GOOD STUFF now!
    God makes ones life like totally awesome and cool man!! :))
    Its "tomorrow" already my side 5:18am to be precise……… I am waiting!! Ok ok ill be patient!!!!

  7. Yep~totally needed that Psalm today. Thank you sweet friend.

    AND, you're amazing. And talented. And full of love for others and CHrist. Don't let anyone make you feel otherwise or sway you from the mission He has laid out for you!

    Ok, going back to bed now 🙂 xoxo

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