1. Reminds me of a mentally challenged man I often see at the YMCA pool. One morning he was in the pool with his aid and he put his head under water. When he came up he announced to EVERY body there about how he put his head under water. It wasn't about overcoming some major hurdle/fear … he was full of sheer joy of putting his head under water in a pool! He had everyone so mesmerized … everyone was talking about how we wish we had a tiny bit of his enthusiasm for the most basic things in life the way he did.

  2. Hey Sandy! Just read your post over at Julie's and left a comment. This was a beautiful story of the boy – and a perfect example of how I too long to be. May I accidentally inspire my peers with my liberty to say yes, to worship, to be the kind of woman God created me to be. Thanks Sandy for sharing this story and for bringing it home to us!

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