1. Sandy,
    I think you find wisdom by spending time with Jesus, spending time with wise people, reading good works, and through trial and error. In order to set good priorities I think we have to have an overall blueprint to go by. We have got to have in our mind how do I want to live my life and then we match up our priorities against that. When we are setting our priorities we need to check them against our blueprint to help know they are where we should be investing our time.

  2. Great thoughts! I’ve been praying a lot lately for more wisdom and discernment. It seems like there is so much “white noise” it’s sometimes hard to listen for.

    Funny, I have the same questions about the “sick kid” thing. When they’re completely happy lying on the couch watching TV, I think “Do I really need to take in another episode of Dinosaur Train or could I duck out for a few??” 😉

  3. So very timely for me! I wake up feeling guilty some days because of everything I didn’t get done the day before or the knowledge that I probably won’t get those same things done today because of the other things that need done. UGH. I was just reading in Proverbs about wisdom a few days ago. I hadn’t thought about applying it to this idea of guilt, but it works perfectly! Thank you for encouraging words from you and from the Lord.

  4. What a wonderful post! I struggle with this quite a bit as well, even as a single woman.

    I’ve really been enjoying poking around your blog, even though I should probably be doing something else. 😉

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