1. Hi Sandy,
    I’ve walked around your new place and it looks great. I even learned some stuff I did not know. I wish you well on your new blog here. I look forward to reading all you and your readers have to say.
    By the way I thought Asylum was incredibly tough. Do not plan on doing that one again!

    1. Yeah–Asylum. I did the fitness test, which I loved. But it’s been so nice outside and I’ve been so busy with this blog, I’ve not done it since. Just lots of running/walking, along with a ton of pushups and squats. I’ll get back into it once I can put this blog on auto-pilot.

  2. Dearest Sandy,

    Your new site screams “energy”… the design, the colors, and that fabulous photo of you!

    Now… what area of my life is well-balanced? I balance my awake and sleep time well. I never seem to over sleep or under sleep… I know when I need to sleep. 🙂 (Hope you are smiling, if not laughing.) The rest of my life is so unbalanced as I can get caught up in nothing.

    Thank you for coming back!!
    PS I want to win but I’ve been on your subscription list. Will you be doing anything for your faithful friends?

    1. You are so cute, Donna! Your comments always make me smile. Yes–later in the week, you’ll have a chance to win another gift card if you follow me all over the world (FB, Twitter, Pinterest, etc).

  3. Hmm, I might be suceeding in the myth category of what balance is not. I need some major balance chiropracting and putting things back into alignment cause this girl here is all out of whack.

  4. I subscribed, but im not new….and we dont have Target in Canada….yet….soon but not yet. But im excited about the new blog 🙂 and I shared with my FB friends 🙂

      1. Canada and the poor state of Vermont are without a Target. Can we have a moment of silence for the lost masses of Vermont.

        1. Target is coming!!!! We had 2 discount department store powerhouses in this country. Walmart, and Zellers (canadian company). I loved Zellers. But Zellers is closing. And Target will be replacing several Zellers across Canada….including the one in my local mall. So I will soon be able to shop at Target and see what all the fuss is about. Im not sure it will live up to the hype 😛

  5. Girlie, Love this new site!! You’ve inspired me to get moving in the online world. 🙂 You should totally send me that giftcard because ironically, I am teaching the What’s in the Bible series at my new job!!! lol

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