1. I am fascinated by this post. And I may need that shake. And a whole lotta shakin' of the physical work-out kind. : ) I've never heard of P90X2 (and I don't live under a rock-really) but you have my attention.

  2. Sandy,

    Congratulations! You look MARVELOUS!! Don't know how the heck you do those workouts but bravo.

    Continue on. Can't wait for your next post. You are missed!

  3. Sandy,
    Congratulations. That is great! And you look great! I enjoyed your post alot especially the humorous parts such as "But if you want to do the workout the way God intended." I laughed out loud. I have not done the 90 days of P90X2 yet but have done some of the videos and agree with you on all you said. I think it is awesome all of the things you do for your health. I know your husband must be proud of you. I hope you do Insanity. My favorite of all time. And I know you can do it. The host Shaun T will be a great encouragement too. It is always a surprise to me how hard it is to just hold a plank for 2 minutes so great job on those planks. BeachBody should be paying you!

  4. Good for you, I know this has been such a struggle and so glad your body decided to cooperate with all of your efforts. This work out is for HE/WOMAN, you are one tough cookie. WAY TO GO! Great to see you here, missed ya.

  5. Wow, great job! I have heard great things about P90X and keep thinking about it to change up my routine, but just don't know about the $, you might have me convinced 🙂

  6. Congrats to you! That's so exciting to finally see success and especially to know how much stronger you are! Nice work. I'm glad to hear you're coming around to running, too… it's my favorite. 🙂

  7. I came aCross your blog while searching for weight gain during x2! I am about to do week 4 of phase 2 of X2! I have gained weight and was inspired by you and your results. I do want to know if you don't mind sharing about how many calories you were consuming! Congratulations on your success!

  8. Cindy, if you have the X2 nutrition guide, I was following the Standard Energy Booster Plan, Level A–which is about 1800 cals/day. But I never counted calories. I just loosely followed the recommendations for meals and number of servings, etc. For a detailed example of what I ate, you can look at this post.

    Good luck with X2!! I would love to know your final analysis, so please keep in touch!


  9. Thanks for your quick response!! I do try to stick around the 1500-1800 calorie mark but following a more paleo/primal approach, but something isn't working!! :/ hmmm… I am constantly sore and I hope that after this recovery week the weight will come down! If you do try Insanity that workout is awesome!! I have my Insanity t-shirt and I think I am bad when I wear it!! 🙂 Have you received your X2 t-shirt yet? Another thing I need to consider since once again I see it is Interment fasting!! Did you fast on your rest days? I assume you did. Also did you supplement with any other BB products like results and recovery?

    Sorry so many questions!

  10. Cindy:

    Do you measure body fat % and inches? Your weight gain could be muscle, assuming your other measurements are consistent with that. Or could be normal monthly fluctuations.

    If you are constantly sore, you are probably over-training. See how you feel after your recovery week. There were a few times during X2 that I had to take a few days completely off, in a row. Then I came back even stronger. Rest is important in your recovery.

    And yes, I do time my intermittent fasting days with my rest days.

    And no, I do not use the Beachbody Results and Recovery drink. My husband is a triathlete and has plenty of recovery drink on hand. We researched long and hard to find one that wasn't loaded with fructose or artificial sweeteners–so I just use his. But because of the high sugar and calorie content, I only use it on the days I do Plyocide.

    And No, I do not have my shirt yet–I still need to send in my results. I've been slacking. But will totally be bad when I wear it.

    I love your questions–keep 'em coming!

  11. Sandy!! I Am done with the program!! Yay Me!! But I have to admit as hard as I worked out I wish my results were better! Ii see the most results in my arms and thighs! My biceps grew!! 🙂 I am a bit disappointed but not defeated! Up next for me running and the strength workouts of x2!

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