1. I’ve been mulling over God’s direction for me for this year, too. You know I love a fresh start and a numbered list as much as you do! But it’s been so difficult to discern this year. And I know why…

    Because in much of my life I’ve drifted so far from His intended direction that His voice sounds far away. I can’t remember the last time I wrote anything more than a grocery list. Or prepared a meal from scratch for my family. Or put away my Christmas tree. Yeah.

    So if my list ends up sounding a lot like yours, it’s not because I’m copying you, but because God is using you to speak to me. Mkay? Luv ya!

  2. I am so glad that this blog made your priority list for 2015. You are so enmeshed in God, that your writing speaks to my heart. I am almost giddy every time I see a new post, because I am going to be well nourished.

  3. Sandy,
    Those are great focus items. We would all do well to follow your lead on the last 3. I hope you are able to “stay in focus” as you work through the year. I am glad this blog is on the list!!

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