1. I’m experiencing something similar now that I am working from home. I thought my house would be spotless and all my meals would be freshly made from scratch by me, with stuff I grew in the yard. Alas!

  2. I have that rule with clothing–one thing in, one thing out. And normally, I would agree that I’ve done that with my schedule. Something about adding all those extra hours made me forget everything I know about boundaries on my time. Your mom is very wise. Just like you.

  3. I guess Sandy that I have never made a not to do list. I guess I have spent significant time trying to determine what means most to me and only spend time on that and I have allowed that to knock other stuff off the radar. I do use a time management method in hopes of being wise how I spend my time and to be effective as well.

    I guess there are some things I have decided to forgo. I have chosen to not go back to golfing(gave up when kids were young), I have chosen not to hunt or fish although it runs strong in my family. I no longer watch much NASCAR racing. I do all of my work outs in my basement and do not go to the gym. I gave up Wendy’s hamburgers about 2 and a half years ago.(that was an almost daily habit). I have avoided getting a facebook page. I never turn my AOL IM on. So I guess I do have a not to do list. 🙂

  4. Well, Sandy! This post is preceding me starting a new life phase as well. I’m dropping down to to two 12 hour shifts instead of four 8 hour shifts that really turn into 10 hour shifts. I’m quite excited about this, but I’m also aware that I’ve been thinking of all the things I can do now. I am dropping hours so I can be more available to my kids and strangely all of the things I keep thinking I’ll have time for do not fall into the “be there for them” category. So, God sent me over here in a very timely fashion to remind me of what my priorities SHOULD be.

    Oh, and I love that you list limiting church activities. I know that I will let myself get overwhelmed with committees and commitments to church. And just because I CAN do it doesn’t mean I SHOULD do it! Great post!

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