1. Sandy,
    I enjoy your sense of humor. I laughed out loud at Jon’s story. I wonder if his mom remembers that? Is nice to know the tile is not going to suffer and that you will make it your own. Tile like people rarely look like their pictures! Was it any clothes in that suitcase? 🙂

  2. I love you!!! I am laughing. Out loud. While my highlights process at the hairdresser…..my stylist and her other client probably think I’m crazy. Which is awesome. Your silly random post just made my whole day.

  3. References to Chess King and Mutual Cluelessness were my favorites – such a fun post 🙂

    Jon sounds a lot like my husband. Men and their privacy. So obvious they have never given birth and then gone into great detail to anyone who will listen.

    So…..do you think he will let one tiny picture make an appearance at some point? I’m dying to see the finished product, adopted tile and all!

      1. There’s an app for that! Well, maybe not an app (although it wouldn’t surprise me if there was one), but an online place (eg. Jigsaw Planet) where you upload a photo and it changes to a puzzle and you put it together online. Just a suggestion for the hubby-privacy, disconnected-pieces-for-the-curious-and-nosy dilemma. 🙂

  4. i clicked on this post to read because I knew by the tag line that you would make me laugh, sandy! And I agree, mutual cluelessness is the key, lol …

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