1. Love this, Sandy. We really do need to assess who we are and how much we can handle, and then thank God that He didn't make us all the same! I'm with you about the hour in your room alone at naptime. Absolutely essential as I was raising my kids.

  2. How do you always get inside my head and then write a post about it?!?!? Funny story, I was ALOT like you with my firstborn and one time we went outside for her first stroller walk and I WAS HYSTERICAL because the stroller wheel slightly bumped off the edge of the step…..I thought for sure she was going to be a victim of baby neck injury at 3 months. Sometimes you just don't know how off-kilter you are that first time around. I love your tips on babysitting swapping and date nights and saying NO! That is actually my goal this summer – more no! No to too much TV time, no to multiple activities, no to overdoing sugary snacks. I think in the end it will lead to a better summer of saying "yes" to the best things!

  3. What lovely pictures of you as a mom. Love this practical blog. What heartache will be avoided if women read and learn. Just learning to say NO is life changing. For some reason, it has always been easy for me to say no, and I have given "lessons" on saying no to friends.:)

    Your blog is truly one of my favorites. Thanks for all the hard work. Glad you say YES to blogging.

  4. I love you Sandy! As a first time mom, this was a great post to read! We have completely let date night slip away for fear of missing a single moment with our daughter. It's very easy to constantly be in mommy mode and forget your a wife too. Thanks for reminding me. Now I think I'll plan a date 🙂

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