1. What makes me smile today: My husband kissing me (TWICE)goodbye before he left for work; my son enjoying the French toast I made him for bfast; the rabbit I saw in the front yard; the sun streaming through the blinds; visiting your blog before anyone else's this morning.

  2. What makes me smile is seeing my usually very stoic son, Michael, smile and get excited about playing football for the first time. What makes me smile is seeing my vegetable garden sprout up so my family and I will be able to eat as much fresh, healthy food as we want this summer.

  3. The very fact there is such a thing as a 3 lane slip and slide racer makes me smile! I will have to look into that so that I may have 3 giggly children as well! The 4th one will have to wait a couple of years before she can giggle about the slip and slide.
    A few things I'm smiling about this morning: 1. It's looking like my hubby will be signing a new client for our small business this afternoon.
    2. My best friend passed court to adopt her son from Ethiopia. He's officially HER BABY (and her hubby's 😉 They go get him next month!
    3. My kids have been sick for 5 days, and I'm smiling because the end has to be near! Or I've finally snapped and I'm smiling over this one so I don't cry. =)

  4. It's so good to enjoy the little God-stops in the everyday! Thanks for this post, Sandy! What's putting a smile on my face today? God's goodness and His love for me! My amazing husband and daughter! The opportunity to write and catch up on everyone's blogs!! God bless! 🙂

  5. haha, yah who knew that a washer and dryer could make a mom sooooo happy!

    and wat makes Charlie smile~
    – u
    – dad
    – the sun
    – no school
    – the pool
    – our backyard
    – Oreo
    – SOUP!

  6. Watching children enjoy a simple backyard birthday party: streamers, water balloons, a game of tag, a homemade cake and best friends.

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