1. You (and God) are stepping on my toes this week!
    Think I will read some of this to the children. The later they get to bed, the later I get to bed BUT they are getting up earlier these days….arg…PS, I don't do coffee!

  2. I'm having the same problem that "Oh Dear" is having. My kids are getting up earlier and earlier… It's killing me.
    Kris and I are very much night time people. It's where we get all of our "our time". We've tried laying them down later… they just get up earlier. The only thing that seems to work is actually laying them down earlier.

    Kris and I have also been trying to make it a goal to head up to bed by 10:00 (HA!) By the time we brush our teeth, change, clothes, etc… It's well past 11:00. Time just slips away at night!

    And I find it pathetic on my part that I can drink a regular (not decaf) cup of coffee right before going to bed and it not phase me one bit. That should tell you right there that I need to lay off the caffein!!!

  3. EEEK! I totally forgot to put the name of the book with all the interesting facts. As if I just came up with this stuff off the top of my head. Sheeesh!!

    I added it.

    Oh Dear, you may want to pick up the book. The section on on kids and sleep is fantastic. Especially the parts about the brain and learning. Wow.


  4. I think I'll take a nap now. 🙂 Even though it's only 8:40am, hehe. But really, I love naps, and I always feel guilty when I take them… so I will stop doing that. Thank you for the information!

  5. I share in the indulgent napping. I find that I CANNOT get all the sleep I need at night during this time of my life so mommy is a big fan of "I'm just going to close my eyes and put my feet up for a little bit." I'm a morning person no matter what time I go to bed and even when I'm intentional about going to bed early, something (or someone!) nearly always wakes me so the afternoon 30 minutes or so is a good fill-in. Thanks for the sleep info – as summer approaches maybe it's a better time to try to make more changes!!

  6. As the victim, er husband, whom you kick at night, I've wondered why I wake up sore in the mornings. Now I know.

    One funny/ironic twist to your post — as I was reading it, Pandora was playing in the background and a commercial for "5-Hour Energy" came on. Great timing.

    I love you,

  7. So, FF Girl, at what point time-wise does the afternoon nap become a hinderance instead of a pick me up?

    Just curious. How long is your average nap? Do you set an alarm of do you wake up on your own?

    I have a very, very hard time waking up after an afternoon siesta!

  8. I am SO relieved to hear someone else admit to taking a nap almost everyday! I do and often feel guilty about it…I tell myself that once the girls are older maybe I won't need it, but I secretly don't think that is true!

    I tell people it's like my restart button…I need to restart and refresh my brain once a day!

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