1. Sing it sister!

    NEVER, EVER share dreams, visions, and most desires with most of those around you. Strangers are actually more encouraging! And I’m sad to say that even Christians respond with horrible and hurtful responses.

    My sweetheart past away 6 years ago. Four years ago I softly mentioned to an older (and who I thought wiser) woman at church – “I would like to meet another man now, I’m really ready.” Her response: “well…it may not be God’s will.” Come on…if I were pregnant saying “I hope my baby is healthy” would you give me the same response back?!

    Honestly, people (most, many, close to all) just don’t think when they respond. In Andy Stanley’s book Visioneering, he clearly states not to share your personal vision with most people.

    I get you, Sandy… write, preach, and teach. You are clearly gifted.

    Can I assist you at your book signing table?!

    1. Donna…I replied to you below, but I don’t think you’ll get notification of it because it seems to have been a real comment and not a reply to yours. Just wanted to let you know that I responded. 🙂

  2. Donna,
    I’m sorry that “older, wiser” woman at your church responded so insensitively. That makes my heart hurt for you.

    I have many more examples where I shared my vision or passion and people responded in like. I cut them out of this post for fear I’d sound like a whiner. 🙂 Thank God for life-giving, like-minded confidants. God is so gracious to place these few people in our lives.

    And yes, when the time comes that I have a book signing–I will call you and you shall assist me. By then, I’m sure Dose of Donna will have gone viral. 🙂

    LOVE YOU!!!

  3. Girlfriend,
    I so GET you!
    I totally agree that many people in our lives just don’t understand our dreams. That’s what I love about the web – you can connect with like- minded peeps.
    I want to be just like you when I grow up. 😉

    1. I agree that the web is the place I have found the most people who “get” me. That sounds creepy when I say it out loud.

      (I saw Kelly posted the announcement for your women’s retreat this year–and I smiled big with memories of last year. So thankful for you in my life.)

  4. What a powerful post, Sandy. I agree with absolutely everything that you have written. I also really resonate with your words, here: “while I love to write—and I really pray I get a book published someday—my real passion is not writing. My real passion is sharing with others”

    me too. my passion is helping other people, not necessarily writing or slow cooking —- that just seems to be the vehicle I’m currently driving.

    what a great piece of writing.

  5. Sandy,
    I agree as loud as I can with you. I would say that in this life the number is very small and sometimes zero. It is zero for me now. I am ok with zero because it is better than interaction that results in my soul drying. I do think when you have a friend like that then don’t let them go. Cherish the friendship and tell them so. I admire someone who is passionate about things in their life and I hope that I encourage others in what they do.
    I do think it is important for those that we are closest to that we try to understand their passions; that we like their passions because of them and we encourage their pursuit of them.

    1. “I am ok with zero because it is better than interaction that results in my soul drying.” Wow!!! What a profound way of wording this, Mark. My thoughts exactly.

      And you really have me thinking about how I might come across when other people share their passions with me…I am probably not as encouraging as I would want others to be toward me and my passions.

      I’m gonna work on that. Thank you.

  6. Sandy,

    Thank you for sharing this beautiful and timely post. So many times we share our dreams with those around us only to receive a discouraging word. Then we walk away feeling like we shouldn’t dream what we are dreaming. As you have shared, we must get the concept to guard who we share what with. God has placed within us a dream, a beautiful dream, and we must protect it so that it can grow and become what it is destined to be. Of course, that does not mean it will come to fruition over night. No, sometimes it takes years and we have to keep pressing on without discouraging words taking root in our spirits.

    Thank you for reminding me to guard that which God has placed within me. Blessings to you and your family!

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