1. I must have missed the post about how the bridesmaids dress fit. What happened??

    It sounds like a wonderful summer to me. Your kids will remember this and smile one day.

    I’m a beach girl too, but wound up at a lake this summer. I won’t do that again.

  2. This was so much fun to read. I feel like I need to do one of these because I blog infrequently and I can’t remember what I’ve written or what tangent I was last on….”I’m Mindy and I am a hot mess in the blogging department.”

    So good to catch up, can’t wait to hear more!

    Luv ya!

  3. You have been missed. What do you do for an encore to all that? 🙂 I have done several carpentry projects this summer and I am finishing putting up a fence around my back yard for the dogs to play without being watched by the second. Two more days and I am done P90X2. The two PAP workouts kick my butt big time. Overall enjoyed the workout but still a little long for a couple of the workouts. Read a lot of books this summer.

  4. Even through the rough times you have me cracking up. I do hope you’re ok, taking care of yourself and all that.

    Speaking of kids not having a life . . . my youngest, who is an only child now and hating it, actually went to her high school football game last Friday (it was an away game) with US, her parents. It was a humiliating experience for her, but we laughed our way through it. Bless her heart. 🙂

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