1. Hi! I loved this post. So funny!! Don’t know if you remember me from way back…probably the beginning of Fitness Friday…when you had contributing bloggers. I am so sad that you have to sacrifice good vacation food for this dress. Clearly, the Chinese don’t know American measurements accurately. Does the bride know all this?? Take care and have fun!

    1. Hi Alyce! I absolutely remember you. And I did get your e-mail and will write you back!! It’s been a bit crazy around here and I’m a little behind on social media connections. Yes, the bride knows all about it. I wasn’t the only one who ordered the wrong size. I didn’t want to stress her out too much, because it was SO MY FAULT.

      We’ll catch up soon.

  2. Oh, sweet Sandy, I’m SO sorry. Over vacation is the worst! But I have faith in you – and just think of how fabulous you will look! And think of the chocolate chips pancakes for breakfast the morning after the wedding 😉

    Seriously though, whenever I’ve wanted to drop a few pounds quickly, I up the water intake (warm water with lemon seems to cleanse) and eat fiber and protein dense foods that have a lot of bang for the calories.

    You can do this! And thanks for letting us know you’re okay!

    1. I keep thinking how awesome it will be when I’m 10 pounds lighter, too. This WAS a goal for 2013 for me. I just planned on doing it slowly over a year. Not quickly over a month.

      Adding lemons to the grocery list…

  3. Ok I have two thoughts (I can’t believe I am weighing ((get it-sorry)) in on this.
    First in the back of the book Making The Cut by Jillian Michaels she outlines a very specific diet and exercise routine that is geared for just such an emergency. She writes that it is the one she used before the cover shoot for her book. It is radical and you can’t sustain it for a long period of time, but Erin did it and it worked. Second, there are those places (I think there may be one in the Summit (?) where they do a full-body wrap, I’m assuming very tightly and it kind of pulls everything in. I’m guessing it only works temporarily (pray for a short ceremony). Both radical moves but desperate times…

    Seriously I cannot believe (a) that I know these options (b) that I’m sharing them in a public forum A colleague the other day said I have a lot of feminine energy (what do you want? I was raised by lesbians). I also was recently invited to an Underwear Circuit Party in the Castro. So I guess I am sending out the wrong message. Oh well- not helping my case here am I?
    What kind of footwear do wear to an underwear party? Just kidding- I politely declined.

    1. Oh, Peter…I am in TEARS over here at your comment. TEARS.

      “What do you want? I was raised by lesbians”

      I was thinking just before you wrote that, “Well, he WAS raised by lesbians…”


      I too, considered the Making the Cut plan. It was one of the first things I remembered. Also, I have Jillian’s 90-Day program (Which is what I intended this post to be about, but for the dress problem) and she has a “kick start” plan that is basically no fruit, no grains, no sugar–pretty much chicken, fish, greens and tomatoes. I think some eggs. Plain yogurt, once a day.

      I see something like that in my near future.

  4. 1. You look pretty and tanned in your picture 🙂
    2. I once had to lose weight quick to fit in a dress. I ran stairs and ate veggies and it worked. However, I was 18 at the time.
    3. I will pray that it will all work out.

    1. Any method before age 40 doesn’t count. I used to pee and blow my nose and lose 5 pounds when I was 18.

      And thank you…I’m tan because I’ve been out RUNNING every morning. No lie.

  5. Oh boy have I ever been in your place.. My best friend was getting married 6 months after I gave birth to my youngest. Lets just say those dress places dont account for us being moms and certain size fits our chest but hips and waist are way different.. My dress was way to tight so I did all I could to lose some weight.

    I ended up using spanx (well I bought the cheap one and it wasn’t as good as the real so I am told) put it on and then used duct tape to squish my midsection so the dress would fit. Yes it was a bit uncomfortable but it fit and I could still barely breathe and move… I would reccomend getting some spanx stuff to suck in midsection it does wonders all else fails you can try duct tape 🙂

    1. I have fake spanx, but I’m afraid to add even one more layer. There’s no mo! No MO!!!

      I will absolutely need to tape the dress to my chest. Absolutely. I never thought to wrap tape around my midsection, though…tucking that suggestion away in case I fail.

  6. Oy, I’m having flashbacks from December when I had to fit on this dress for a ball. Luckily, if it didn’t fit I had the option of buying another one but you have to wear this specific dress. Have you checked to see if the dress can be bought in the US? Maybe another retailer?

    1. Thanks, Jill. Yes…summer is my favorite and I fit perfectly in the Florida climate where it’s summer year round, until we moved to Kentucky, where it’s not.

      Thanks for the vote of confidence. 🙂

  7. Best wishes on that Sandy! The fastest I ever lose weight is when I cut out sugar and drink lots of water.

    1. Thanks Mark…I already do those things. However, I did have a piece of peach cobbler with whipped cream and ice cream at my “Last Supper” the other night. In anticipation of the month of No MO!

  8. This post made me smile over and over. A few years back my sister was getting married and Macy’s carried the perfect bridesmaid dresses she wanted. The only problem, all my sisters are size 4, and I am not and they didn’t have any of my size left in that dress. So after a few tears, my mom being the sweet woman she is, said lets go find a pattern alter it and make our own. She did, mine looked just a bit different, but hey I am a bridal planner and even I know not every bridesmaid has to look the same these days… Funny thing, I got more compliments on my dress than any of my sisters come the wedding:)
    On the weightloss in a short time, I did a VERY stupid thing once. I tried to drop 1 size in 1 day from some crazy tip friends gave me about taking water pills… Oh I was dumb and did it.. YIKES it was horrible. Yes I dropped the size in less than 14 hours (which came back the next day of course) But because I had taken 2 of the pills I was seriously dehydrated come evening it was horrible all I wanted was to drink water, couldn’t even enjoy my date that night… Don’t do anything stupid. Go the healthy route!
    Good luck!

  9. Oh dear Sandy. I have not been in those shoes before, but your story sure made me laugh. I’m so happy to see you here (although I’d be happier if I’d be able to see you . . . HERE!) and hope you’re having a great summer. I’m in the middle of renovations, too, so haven’t been blogging much either. Oh well. 🙂

  10. Are you willing to try non-FDA certified pills? LOL! I once took “Rev” while doing Weight Watchers and 3-4x per week moderate exercise. The WW + exercise had me losing about 1.5 lbs per week. The month I took Rev, I lost 4 lbs each week. They’re green tea extract pills, or somesuchthing.

  11. Sandy,
    Oh, my… you do need to let your reader know what happens.
    Here’s a thought: share with the bride. She may let you be the maid of honor and wear a different dress. Okay, I’m being fresh. But do inform the bride as she may know that another bridemaid’s dress is too big… you could switch dresses.
    Just a thought.

  12. The wraps do work (only short term, so do them a day before the wedding if you do them at all)
    The dress IS gorgeous!!

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