1. Reason #437 why Sandy is one of my favorite people – we share the distain for the sound of chips (or ice, or cereal) crunching while we are trying to concentrate on life.


  2. I talked to a co-worker a little while ago who was eating a taco on the phone. A crunchy taco. Why can't they wait until after they finish their lunch to call me? Talk about too much busy-ness!

    Anyway, Happy Anniversary! That is an accomplishment and a blessing to be celebrated and cherished, so congratulations!


  3. I'm surprised by the end of your fast! The time seems to go so much more quickly when it's somone else. I tell ya, my 40 days dragged on for-ev-er!

    When did you start? And what is the first thing you will eat? 🙂

    Me…well, at the end of my 40 days (Sept 13), God told me to keep going. So I am…

  4. Sandy dear, this really made me laugh. I absolutely cannot eat breakfast with my husband (and, yes, I'm already worried about retirement). He spends about 10 minutes smacking down the cereal with his spoon just to make sure every single morsel gets wet. Drives me absolulely BONKERS!!!!

  5. Sandy you make me laugh! I feel bad because I didn't even know you were on a 40-day fast. I guess I should keep up w/ you better on facebook and blogging. So sorry, but I know you are going to be dancing tomorrow. I wish I could take you to Starbucks! I've got a coupon for a free coffee..and I'd sure give it to you 🙂 I want to know how much weight you've lost on this fast though!?!?
    Happy Anniversary early! My husband told me he just booked our 10 yr anniversary trip. whoo hoo..I can't wait.
    You're a blessing!
    (see ya friday on FFF..and if you don't…PLEASE message me!!!)

  6. I'm soooooo happy I won!!!! YAYYYYY!


    And yes. It takes me like ALLLLL day to write a blog post. Why? So weird.

    Hope you are having a wonderful day and that you are NOT eating soup or salad 🙂

    Love you,
    Kate 🙂

  7. You've combined the stream of consciousness of Faulkner with the numeric sequencing of Letterman. Very eclectic of you. When I try to do that I usually end up offending too many people and embarassing Cindy.

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