1. Jon thanks for riding to conquer cancer.(and Sandy for being Sooo supportive) My daughter was diagnosed with cancer this year & doesn't have insurance. Her children haven't been told. As a MoM, Grandma & a Christian, I don't have the words to express my gratitude. Since I had one of your children in my class,(@ church) I know that your children are special. BTW, has anyone ever told you that you have an awesome wife?{;~D)GoD bLeSs AlL oF yOu!

  2. Sandy and Jon,
    I loved the interview! Maybe I can get my husband to read it, just to get him moving..lol I had someone tell me today that my hubby was a cutie..I was thinking "back off sista", lol!
    Sandy thanks for linking me, I'm off to link you on mine.
    Love the pictures..you guys both get more beautiful every year! Loved the hat..I'm a hat girl too 🙂
    Happy Anniversary!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Happy Anniversary you guys!

    And man…. he is a stud! What a huge accomplishement. I cringed on the whole possum thing… that's just gross!

    Congrats Jon on doing something SO amazing… and for having a wonderful wife!

  4. This was a great interview. Question. Did you really do the interview? I mean was it a pen and paper, word for word typy interview? It was really good either way. 😉

    So cute how you banter. Love it!

    So inspiring about the miles biked! He must have felt so good finishing and for such a great cause.

    I wanted to link up today but never got to post my idea. 🙁 Well, it will hold till next week!

    So glad we are back on with Fritness Friday.

    btw.. I have a little over one more lb to hit the 30lbs lost mark and 5 more to hit my goal. 😉 So close!

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