1. Poor Jillian. What did she ever do to you? 🙂 I want to see what you write when you know you are in a bad mood. You could watch a fitness infomercial every once in a while so you can tell those health nuts “oh I am researching so and so’s fitness plan”. Or you can tell them your doctor is trying to work you in to take a physical since everyone knows you should see a doctor before beginning any exercise program.(of course he has trouble working you in) Always eat at all your can eat buffets because you want to be wise with your money and get the most food intake per dollar. Another excuse you can use to shut up those pesky health conscious friends when they “encourage” you to exercise is to tell them you have a personal injury or condition that is preventing you from working out. If they pry you just tell them it is private and let them draw their own conclusions which should shut them up for a long while and get you some sympathy points too.

    Always Super Size.

    Throw away any fitness measuring device… scales, stop watches, tape measures, etc.

    Go ahead and buy bigger clothes so you will not notice when you actually start using them and whatever you buy make sure stretch is in it’s description.

    1. Mark, trust me when I tell you I need to step away from the “publish” button when I’m in a bad mood. I just do.

      Thanks for your contribution to the “fitness” suggestions. Well done.

  2. Love this, totally fun! Sadly just yesterday I had one of those moods, except it wasn’t just my mood I ended up finding myself at the drive-thru at Wendy’s. My only hesitation when they said Medium or Large size, I said only Small… As if that was supposed to make me feel better about the splurge:( The only plus about it, is today I am feeling especially health food minded:) Have a great Friday!

  3. Love it, especially #6. I don’t know how many people come to me with questions regarding some dumb fad diet or pill and want to know more about quick fixes, ugh!

    1. My sarcasm is rubbing off on my kids, too. It’s all fun and games until someone is angry. Then the sarcasm gets ugly fast.

      I am very interested in another strength-training challenge. I have been floundering since I finished Insanity last summer. I did a tri-brid workout for awhile with P90X, X2 and TurboFire. But I was sort of bored with it. What are you thinking?

  4. Oh my this was hilarious. Thanks for sharing and giving me a little inspiration to have a great and healthy week.:)

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