1. I'm so glad you addressed Lysa's questions in this Fitness Friday post Sandy. And I might add that you did an excellent job.

    Healthy eating requires a healthy lifestyle and not a diet as you so accurately write. Years ago, when I was single, my roommate was a dietician for the AZ Heart Institute. She used to teach about a concept called food banking. When you are going to a party and know you will indulge, she ate less that day and exercised more. Sounds like Sandy.

    It does take an effort to stay in shape. That darn metabolism gets slower as we age and now that I am 56; almost 57 …it only gets harder. So, I will put on my walking shoes and get outside and go instead of eating the awesome Ghirardelli chocolate squares I'd love to consume. 🙁

    Love you and keep telling it sister!


  2. Sandy I think I am YOU. Thank you thank you for finally saying about the "skinny" struggler who works hard at it like you said "Every. Single. Day". And the "behind closed doors" eater than can gain it back in one minute if I don't watch, something no one would ever believe. I am a fitness nut too and most of all I love what you said about your goal in life to meet your Heavenly Father as a faithful servant. OK SANDY GIRL you and I are on the same track, keep it up and so will I! Thanks for the awesome post! (personal comment is fine if you want)
    Your working buddy in Him,
    Carol Joy

  3. Hey, Sandy! I didn´t get to do a fitness post today. I wanted to re post something I posted on our fitness blog but, it didn´t happen. and now I sit here wanting to read you post but thinking I better get the boys something to eat. I will come back I promise. The questions are good and so are the first part of the answers I read.

    This week on the our Fitness Challenge we are putting a Nix on the Fix! Hoping to help many to change their food choices. I am allowing them 1 point for each healthy portion of food they eat. max 3 per meal. I wonder how well it will work. I am going to put a poll on the blog tonight to see if we will continue it to week 8.

    We are going to do another challenge in Feb. I think.

    Well, I will be back to read the rest. Have a great day!

    Dani Joy

  4. Carol Joy,

    How wonderful that we are kindred spirits! Do you blog or have a way for us to chat…over e-mail maybe? You can e-mail me if you'd like (there is a button at the top of my blog). I'd love to know more about you.


  5. This was awesome– thank you for breaking me of my dislike for skinny girls everywhere! Ha!

    On a serious note, this was a reminder to me that weight is not going to just magically fall off; I need to continue to be disciplined and focused on the goal of being healthier, not just skinner.

    Love you!

  6. Hi there, this is my first time reading your blog and I just fell in love. It's so encouraging to read about other women's struggles (mine, being more mental!) with living healthy lives…mind, soul and body.

    It's such a breath of fresh air to realize that skinny women have issues too! And that eating healthy is a daily (if not hourly) decision.

    Thank you for your Fitness Friday posts. Awesome!


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