1. I have found that buying my fruits and veggies at a farmers market or a local produce stand is cheaper than buying them at the grocery store.

    I laughed when I saw your frozed chicken breast statement. We eat a TON of chicken in our house and I like to only buy it when it's on sale. It was on sale this past week and I bought 5 huge bags for $5 a peice.

    Thanks for the great tips!

  2. Sandy, considering that I've fallen off the wagon – but fortunately have maintained some level of control in keeping things as organic and natural as possible (did you know they make delicious organic ice cream?) and my grocery bill also shows it. I am no one to throw stones!

    I appreciate your honesty and humore — I can relate! BIG TIME.

    I have found that Target does sell a lot of things much cheaper than at the local market. Also, if you have a farmer market, I hear that they are also very economical and you get fresh fresh fruits and veggies.

    Thanks for the tips and for the encouragement. It's good to know that you are human and "real".

  3. Just popping over to say hi! Did you know I am now ultra healthy? I've lost 13 lbs since May and running up to 8 miles now. 🙂 see, anyone can do it!

    We don't really save a ton of money on groceries…i like convenience and our health is worth it! However, I am doubling and tripling coupons now so we'll see how that goes!

    I should link to fitness friday and write about it all some time…

  4. Cooking from scratch and using coupons has helped me stretch the food dollars. I never used to do this but with this economy, I need to do this. And I rediscovered my love for cooking. I tend to follow recipes but my husband can be very creative with food. He takes the leftovers and makes us the best meals. It's been fun to challenge each other too.

    I've also been going through my freezer. When you clean it out and organize it, it's amazing what you find there. Often I would go grocery shopping and then find I already had lots of frozen chicken, etc. But it is good to stock up when things are on sale.

    I also read lots of blogs about cooking on a budget. And I'm also learning to grow my own herbs. Trader Joe's sells basil plants for $2.99 and so now I have lots of basil available and it's so fresh and much cheaper than buying those small packages in the grocery.

    I also buy fresh produce. I need to start checking out the farmer's market because I want to support local farmers.

    It helps me to go food shopping with a list and sticking with it. This way I can check my coupons in advance and won't forget items. So, I end up saving gas money instead of running to the grocery so frequently.

    This was very good Sandy and written in the very humorous Sandy style. I always enjoy your posts and I'm so thankful we connect on Fridays. Love you and your honesty and transparency. BTW, did you know I've been doing a series on being real and transparent on Heart Choices? This Monday will be another one so stay tuned.

  5. E-mealz has helped us a lot. I spend a little more then what is on the plan since I try and replace processed stuff with real ingredients, but it saves me a lot of time and helps me not have to constantly come up with tons of meal ideas.

    Great post!

  6. Hello Fitness Friday Girl 🙂

    Awesome info! Ya know, I always struggle at the grocery store – trying to be healthy AND stay on a budget can be stressful!!! So your post is perfect 🙂

    It REALLY helps me to PLAN AHEAD!!! If I plan all my meals and prep all the ingredients before hand, I'm MUCH more likely to actually cook rather than order out!

    Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

    Have a happy day,
    Kate 🙂

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