1. This is good Sandy. I think we all do learn early on that pleasing others feels good but to a point. I hate to disappoint others. But over the years, I've learned slowly that I will disappoint some and not everyone will be happy with my behavior or my choices. The One I need to please is the Lord. And to hear Him, I need to spend time with Him. Thanks for sharing this series.

  2. Reading this was like reading my own life. Unfortunately, I have not reached the point of listening to the "one voice" all the time. Co-dependency on the approval of others to make our life whole is distrutive for all of us. I am so grateful that you wrote this. I will pray harder and know that we all are not alone. Blessings

  3. Having dealt with this addiction myself, your words really spoke to my heart. Even though I still deal with it on a sometimes daily basis, with the Lord's help, I am making progress one situation at a time.

  4. Great timing! One big question I hope you hit on. What if the other person is your husband?????? Have you ever had your husband tell you something different than what you feel God is telling you? Would LOVE to hear your answer.


  5. This was such a good post…thanks! I'm working on getting free from the people pleasing, as well. One thing that's hit hard for me in the process is that a lot of it is wrapped up in pride. I don't want people to think badly of me, so I want to please them. God's taking me on a journey of humility and surrender and it's good, just hard some days.
    Thanks for sharing you heart!

  6. Wow… I'm totally listening! God revealed to me last night that my issues with anger stem from my striving to please others and then when I fail, I find myself angry.

    Speak on!

  7. I've also heard this referred to as "fear of man." As opposed to fear of God. Not fear, like afraid, but fear as in reverence. If we seek to please others, we are reverencing them above God.

    Loving this series!!!

  8. Wow, this series is so good. I had a committee of one, my mom, who directed much of my life, even into adulthood and marriage. Not a good thing. Now that I no longer consult her with every decision, she seldom is happy with me. But my marriage is better, and I am free to follow God and what he has for me and my family.

  9. I'm just now getting around to reading this wonderful series you've started. I am a total people pleaser. I hate it when people are made or angry with me, and I can't say "No" without completely feeling guilty about it. This is something that I've struggled with for awhile and I'm feeling exhausted and stressed with it lately. I've got to learn to deal with this!!

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