1. Hi Sandy. It’s me Kelly. I assume the one you mentioned above when talking about winter. I love Canada, I really do. But this is ridiculous! It’s APRIL!!!!! (please, no comments about what you woke up to on April 1 when you visited our great country last year. I’m trying to suppress the memory) Anyway, I have a few thoughts 🙂
    1. The fact that it is spring in your town makes me say “I hate you” but you know its not really true. I love you 🙂 But I may have to send you photos of the 10-20 cm of snow we are supposed to be getting tomorrow.
    2. How many inches is 10-20 cm of snow? Maybe I’ll look it up. While I’m at it can you add the ml value next to all the oz values in the above recipe? You are alienating your Canadian fans. And its still winter up here so we are too cold to do math 🙂 (kidding)
    3. My hubby is polish, and his Baba makes the best perogies ever, with this sinful mushroom sauce (mushrooms, onions, dill, too much butter, too much WHIPPING cream….yes I said WHIPPING cream). I made a light version of the sauce one Easter….not the same. Totally not the same. But I love perogies. We eat them a lot in this house. Just 2 days ago in fact. With some ham and corn. But I would never put perogies in this soup. That would just be weird. The soup looks yummy though. I will try it. I think it might be a way to get my hubby to eat spinach 🙂
    4. 10-20 cm of snow is 4-8 inches. yeah. lots. And by the way 28 oz is 828 ml. Just in case you were wondering.
    Okay, I’m done. Off to the gym, and to enjoy the almost spring-ish conditions for one day until the snow flies tomorrow.

    1. I think it’s so cute that you speak in metric. And of course your husband is Polish–StoSKI!!!!!! I grew up in the heart of the Polish Village in Toledo OH (an actual place). Everyone spoke polish and ate polish food. I have been terrible at carrying on the tradition. Tell me good ways to prepare and serve the perogi. I think my family would like them.

  2. This winter although milder seemed to stretch on far too long. I am weeping tears of joy, (or allergy) right along with you. I love spring. It is my favorite season, or maybe summer since I don’t get too hot, ever.

    Have fun on your trip. I hope to read about it. I’m sure it will have something to do with balance.

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