1. That writing was hysterical I laughed with great images of a funny lady trying to do her morning routine.
    I have YET to figure out my routine this year and YES I do need to exercise. Later in the day seems better for me as I am not a morning type person waking up slow and drinking my coffee is the sane thing to do these days. Actually what I am doing most mornings at 7am is drinking my coffee and watching curious George with my two year old great niece who I watch four days a week. She shows up at 6:45 and stays till 5:00 by the time she leaves the thing I want to do is rest.
    Like I said haven't figured out the exercise routine yet.

  2. I heart this post so much. . . .maybe because I could have written it myself. : )

    I dream of being an early morning workout girl . . .but the reality is I'd have better success at an 11:00 pm workout than a 6 am. : ) I'm accepted this fact and "enjoy" the joy that my life of spontaneous workouts (as in, when does it fit in today best?) brings me.

  3. My favorite time is midafternoon, followed by a long luxurious shower.

    Unfortunately, I'm at work 4 days a week in that time. So, lately I've been trying for 20 minute workout early in the morning, which is tough. I too am an early riser, but it involves lots of sitting and staring into space and enjoying utter do nothingness. I try to do an afternoon 20 minute workout either just before or an hour after dinner. This seems to have finally got me back in the groove of exercise, and I have an energy boost just before I normally hit my crash on the couch time frame.

  4. This is SOOOO funny and timely. I happen to be one of the early morning gals because it's just ME up and the quiet is intoxicating. That said, I'm not much use to anyone past 8 p.m. I have friends that start working out then and all I can think about is…"Thank goodness I'm in my PJ's!"

  5. HAHAHAHA! So funny! Thanks for reminding me that it's all about what works for me, not everyone else. I struggle with that sometime.

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