1. Okay, you'd think I could just leave one comment and be done.

    When I took Sam-E I noticed a vast improvement within 4 days. That was taking 400mg at night. I also took lots of fish oil, which also helps with post-partum depression.

    I have found that the cheapest way to buy it is when CVS or Walgreens does buy one get one free. It's not very often so I stock up.

    I think I'm done now.

    love you!!

  2. This is very interesting. I can't really afford it right now (yay for being in college) and I know you're not a medical professional, but you've done research online & it can't hurt to ask… is this safe to use at the same time as a prescription anti-depressant? I'm on Zoloft right now (have been since summer of 05), I'm technically on it for anxiety, but pretty sure I have some depression, too… and I think your post mentioned that it can potentially help with anxiety, too? Anyway, I would LOVE to not be on prescription meds forever and would love a natural solution… and maybe something to help me get out of the funk enough to actually exercise. Sorry this is so long! Thanks for any help you can give me! 🙂

  3. Wow! So interesting, Sandy. I have never heard of this, but I'm going to look into it for PMS–kicking my butt right now, if you know what I mean. I sure wish I had known about this when I was having babies. So much of what you describe sums me up perfectly back then.

  4. Cheryl,

    I did not take it while I was pregnant. Fortunately, I never had depression symptoms during pregnancy. Plus, I was a big ole sissy about taking anything while I was pregnant. So, no. I would definitely check with my doctor before doing so.

    Thanks for popping over. 🙂

  5. Jumped over from Missys blog. Thank you for doing research and talking about it. I started it a few weeks ago but struggle with my memory- I recently purchased a pill case and have the Sami-e box next to it since the box said the foil wrapping keeps it fresh etc. Hoping to have good results too.

  6. Lack of sleep, stress, and thinking too much might be sign of depression. Sleep deprivation may lead to a lot of very serious health diseases. It's better to take care of your health.

  7. I started taking Sam-E about a week ago… and now I’m experiencing extreme anger as a side-effect. I’m looking around the internet to see if anyone else has experienced this, I’ve found a couple of sites talking about it but not many, so I wanted to comment about my experiences.

    I have been taking 200mg in the morning and 100mg at night. I’m going to drop it down to just 50mg in the morning tomorrow and see how that goes. Being extremely angry is not conducive to any type of happy life or decent relationship.

    1. Cynthia,
      Thank you for sharing your experience here! I’ve never read that as a side effect, but I agree. That is NO way to live. For me, my depression shows up as anger. So, that would be terrible. Keep me posted on how a lower dose works for you.

  8. This is an old post, I know, but Sam-E makes me feel out of control and angry and jittery. I am pretty sure I’m Bipolar 2, though, as my Dad and sister are. It took me awhile to admit and I tried various natural methods.

    1. I’ve read that if you have anxiety, Sam-E can make it worse. So, maybe the manic phases of your Bipolar disorder are exacerbated by the Sam-E. Keep trying to find natural methods and seek professional help if necessary. Best of luck to you.

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