1. all your tips are great….I especially agree with #3. I think I struggled for so many years because I would always wait until "everything was done" and "I had the time" and finally it hit me that I had to make it happen….not the other way around. I love to get my work-out in first thing (it was 5:00am today:) and then I don't stress about it. I've gotten much better at letting the house stuff wait a little longer (it's always patiently waiting for me!) and somehow, with God's help it gets done eventually! I also agree that warmer weather is much more motivating…especially when I can get out first thing in the morning with no coat!!

  2. We also have schmoozy boss-type gatherings, but since it's oilfield it's much more redneck than what you get to do! It's more BBQ and beer, and tank tops and flip flops are perfectly acceptable attire. (The only fancy schmancy occasion is the Christmas party, which, incidentally, was crashed by a couple who could dance like pros! How fun is that?)

    Anywhoooo… I have not yet figured out the answer to this question. I am thinking I should be able to exercise at nap time. Three kids at school, one in bed, and one quietly watching a movie. Every afternoon, without fail. So WHY THE HECK CAN'T I SEEM TO GET MOTIVATED???!!! Maybe you should send me your itunes playlist for exercising, as it sounds like we have the same great taste in music.

  3. Sandy,

    Great post! Love all that fancy schmancy talk you did! Several times a year at my job we have events where I have to dress – which I really enjoy.

    As for my workout, well, I totally struggle. I work full time and my two children keep us hopping with sports almost every night of the week – thus going from work to sports event to home. I do take the stairs as much as I can and walk sometimes at work. I know I need to do more though. Any thoughts on that? Oh! Tonight is the last game (softball right now) until August. Woo-hoo!

    Thanks Sandy! Blessings to you and your family!

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