1. Hi Sandy, what a great post! Very very thought provoking!

    About a a year and a half ago I started getting multiple pulmonary embolisms which should have killed me instantly but I survived and I wondered why, why God wanted me here so I began my "conversations with God". I had quite a lot, sometimes they were monologues but a lot of the times I had answers.

    Essentially I learned to feed my spirit because my body was becoming so weak anyway through my illnesses. In feeding my spirit, my spirit became stronger, my body naturally became weaker because of illness. I still hear the voices of the flesh. There is a particular scripture that comes to my mind when I need to take care of myself, Matthew 6:28-34

    I do all the practical things in life still, I still enjoy my family, I am at the hospital a lot, in my day I find little spots for me to enjoy my garden and talk with God.
    Life can get noisy with all the voices but when it's just you and Him it's so beautiful and peaceful.


  2. What a fantastic blog!! I found your blog through Lisa's and I am truly enjoying your writing.
    For over 2 years now I have been listening to God's voice and been denying my flesh. God has started this accomplishment through fasting and praying. The more I walk with Him the more I hear His voice and the more I hear His voice the more I yearn to obey Him.

    Thanks for using your gift of writing to glorify Him.

    In Christ,

  3. 1. I needed this because now i know I'm listening to the WRONG voice (and I'm now mad at myself for not even realising it)
    2. This is what i call EXCELLENT!!
    3. Sandy you are rocking gal!

  4. Sandy, Your post came at just the right time, isn't God wonderful? I have been able to share your post with several teens in my life whose lives I'm investing in. You put into words things they struggle with (we all struggle with) and it had helped them see practically the voice they are listening to.
    Thank you, and know that God is using your words to encourage and teach others. ~Judy

  5. This helped me so much! Often times the voice of the flesh sounds nothing like my voice at all. In fact it sounds like other people are in my head but it’s not a medical issue or demonic, it’s the flesh. Everything that was said lined up exactly with what I’ve been going through. Thanks! God bless!

  6. Thank you for reminding me of who I am in Christ. I no longer feel sorry for my flesh, because I walk not after the flesh, but after the Spirit. Romans 8:1

    Bless you Sis for this post!

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