1. First, "have you lost weight". Sorry to ruin your money back guarantee and don't try to play the "hot guy is subjective" card and say that it doesn't count. You'll hurt my feelings.

    Second, welcome to the world of "Meat-atarians". Animals are delicious.

    Finally, if you need to give Jon some tips on helping you pick out a dress for you parties, last week's blog post would be helpful.

    Oh, yeah, Happy Derby!

  2. Great post! Re: "16" I've thought the same thing about my blog. As soon as I publish that I'm doing well with some aspect, I totally blow it. Alas.

    Happy Derby. I've been to Derby parties here in TN, but nothing compared to the real stuff up there!

  3. Oh, My!
    You never fail to bring a laugh (or a tear). Thank you for being so un-failingly real!
    Just thought I'd pop over and see what Sandy is up to, and I'm so glad I did.
    Now you can return the favor, if you'd like.
    Are you going to post a pic of your new hats and dress so we westerners can get a clue?

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