1. Number 15- I can sooooooo relate to that one. I just had almost that exact scenario playing out in my head over the last week. My Lenten track record is atrocious. This may or may not have something to do with me still being wishy washy on whether I want to continue in the Catholic faith, or find a new church. I really wanted to participate in Lent this year so after going through the list of all the things I should give up- I came up with giving up yelling. I seem to always resort to it when I’m tired, frustrated, or feel like the kids aren’t listening to me and I’m hoping that not yelling during Lent will help me to better express myself tooooo my kids so that they in turn can learn to better express themselves and not yell at one another whenever they get frustrated or tired or cranky.

  2. LOL Oh Sandy, I have followed your blog from Kauai to Arizona and still find you to be a most delightful writer, right up there with my all time favorite Erma Bombeck. Keep writing, about Lent, or lent or storage issues or dieting or kids, whatever you write, I devour. Thank you God for putting Sandy in our lives.

  3. Being raised Catholic and struggling with Lenten sacrifice, I found your post so funny. (Maybe I shouldn’t.) This year, I’m staying simple. For x minutes a day, I am unplugging (no phone, no social media, no book (ok, the bible is allowed), only silence. I started with 5 minutes. SO EASY. 10 minutes today. I’m hoping it will be good and that I will learn the art of reflection. Hopefully I will see myself as God does and maybe figure out what he wants in my life.

    By the way, in searching the history of Lent (so I can discuss with my high school Methodist Sunday school), I discovered Lent is a non-denominational observance. It was founded before the church was divided between the East and the West. Interesting how only some faiths, especially the Catholics, held on to it. Sad really that it’s been let go.

    May God bless you and your family in this season.

  4. I love Number 8. I would have baked for that. And I’m not trying to be irreverent, I just think as who has never observed Lent, I would have to have some sort of starting signal/point/advice, etc.

    Great post:)

    1. Mindy–actually, the day before Lent begins, some people celebrate Fat Tuesday. We did not celebrate this as a kid, but lots of people do. They eat this amazing cake with a plastic baby Jesus in it. I think some people also bake a donut-like thing. I’m out of my realm of Lenten Knowledge right now, but I do recall once eating one of those Plastic Baby Jesus Cakes and it was de LISH. 🙂

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