1. This is very pertinent for us. I have recently come across the SHE system and, hallelujah, it is working. My house is better than it has been since we moved in nearly two years ago. I have control over my home, my finances, my eating habits, which I didn’t have before. To be fair, I do have a neurological disorder that means I get tired quickly, I also have a son whose autism makes him extremely anxious and when he was off school between December and May due to illness that was very difficult because I had to be there for him and reassure him constantly, poor boy 🙁 Praise God he’s better now and back at school full time. Also, come to think of it, at the beginning of last year I went through six months of EMDR, which left me a quaking wreck for most of the time, and when it was finished I took a few months to get back to any kind of status quo. Regardless, I needed a system that would work for us, and I kept trying and failing at various other systems.

    Now that we’re using the card system, and each task is written down alongside the time it takes, I can ‘delegate’ to husband and children. I also have a day off once a week where I just do the bare minimum and allow myself a rest. Sundays never worked because Sundays are when we see Grandma and she has dementia so it’s not restful to have her around (she’s lovely – don’t get me wrong)! So, yeah, it’s working.

    As for the other things – if I don’t have the energy my husband will do laundry, but the idea that people might not want to wear creased clothes is beyond him, and like you I just think it’s more hassle than it’s worth to get children to do their own laundry! My girls, aged 13 and 10, can already cook and they love it. They don’t like the tidying up afterwards but if I have not had to cook I don’t mind washing up. I don’t trust anyone else to wash up properly, either, so I always do that. The number of times I have prayed a ‘thank you, Lord, for the dishwasher’! I’m also considering a robot vacuum cleaner and mop, when funds allow! I’m just so grateful for a system that is working and working in a sustainable way. I use a whiteboard too! Very very useful.

    So this has been a very long comment, but I’m glad because it’s given me the opportunity to see how far we’ve come, thank God 🙂

  2. I raised two kids. I hope this doesnt sound bad. I, did all the chores. It was my house my dishes my yards and lawn equipment and i could take care of that stuff way quicker then dealing with telling the kids to do some chores. It left my kids time to be kids. Soooo, you may wonder how my kids turned out not spending so much time trying to pawn off my work on them? One has a phd in kusic and teaches at a large university. The other is still in college. Both are well adjusted. Never been arrested and alboth are pretty much loved by everyone they meet. Your way works for you, my way worked for me. Ya cant be afraid to use what works ‘eh?

    1. Good job on raising great kids. Parenting techniques are as unique as the kids themselves. I agree that you need to do what works best for your family. (I also think they should learn to properly clean a toilet…but, I suppose there is time to learn that after college.)

      Thanks for your input. 🙂

        1. I suppose if that works for them, then sure! They might want to still know the basics of running a household (cooking, laundry, basic home maintenance) in case they happen upon a recession or job loss or something. It happens. 🙂

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