1. Dancing is the best. I started doing Jazzercise 1 year ago when my son left for the Navy because I needed a break from the stress. I say I was losing my mind and I ended up losing 40 pounds of body along the way. love my dancing and I miss it so much if I can’t go, that I downloaded many of the songs and dance at home. congratulations Candice. keep up the good work!

    1. Carol, what a great stress-buster! I can’t imagine sending my son to the Navy (though, I suspect it’s in my future because my 14 year old keeps telling me he’s joining the military!). How wonderful that you treated your body so well and reaped the benefits! Keep it up, Girl!

  2. Candice,

    Hello this is Evie, your grandmother’s namesake. I wanted to let you know that I read your post about your transformation on Facebook. I don’t personally have a Facebook account but I saw it through my daughter Dominique’s account. I have always thought you were such a beautiful young lady! Your transformation is inspiring and I am so very proud of you!! I lost 112 pounds back in 2006 on the Weight Watchers program. Unfortunately life catches up with you and I got comfortable in my skin and began getting back to my old habits again. I did gain the weight back and have struggled since then up 50 pounds down 50 pounds here and there everywhere you know how it works with the scale 🙁 I think that God had a plan for me running into your Facebook post as I embark on my weight-loss Journey once again. As I read your story it took me back several years ago when I lost my weight and how I did it on my own and worked hard and found the strength deep within me. At times I think how did I do it? Well I want you to know that your post inspired me and I know that’s it is possible to do it again! Your beautiful smile and positivity has truly inspired me! Remember never turn back, the new you looks amazing! God bless you and your family.

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