1. In the past, I've had good success using Weight Watchers – a slightly revised version of calorie counting. What I love about WW is that each food has a points value, and the points value is determined by a (head-splitting) mathematical formula that takes into consideration calories, fat, and fibre. And ensuring your diet has enough fibre is a BIG deal! Fibre makes you feel fuller. And if a food has a really high fibre content, the points value goes down (meaning you can eat a little more). And, fyi, the math aspect is taken care of – all I need to do is side the cardboard thingie up and down (it's akin to a pregnancy due date calculator). 🙂

  2. You handled a difficult and emotional topic with grace, good practical information and humor. I loved this post and will use the links you put in for us. I would like to see some progress on the scale (going the right direction), as this is an area that I can often feel stuck in. No opinion on Kate Moss.

  3. You handled a difficult topic with grace, practical information and humor. I can sometimes feel stuck in this area and would like to see some movement on the scale (in the right direction.) Thanks for the links. No opinion on Kate Moss.

  4. Hey there my friend!!!

    Oh I hear you soooo well. My calorie allowance for the day is not nearly as high as yours since I pretty much have a sendentary lifestyle. So I burn under 1800 calories a day. I've been trying to keep my calorie consumption to 1200 but not lower than that. And it works — take an eternity to get the weight off; again because I'm sedentary (although am doing a 5K tomorrow but I don't think walking the neighborhood kicks me into the next level).

    I was SHOCKED when I realized how much I was eating. I thought that once I went organic and cut out the "junk" that I was home free. Yeah, right!! I was SHOCKED to learn what a portion size really is. I thought I was doing so well.

    Oh and I was even more shocked when I bought a DiGiornos 200 calorie pizza. I thought, "I like the size of this box". Um…it's 2 servings in there.

    For the past almost couple of months, I have really been eating small portions and keeping my calories down. I've lost about 8lbs which isn't bad — especially when it's just been calorie counting. Now…I need to up the exercise.

    Thanks for your transparency and vulnerability!!!

  5. I can´t calorie count worth beans but I do food journal and it helps me sooo much!

    I will be back to read the math. I too am realizing how much it just boils down to math and movement!

    Gotta git but wanted to say, I couldn´t link up today but I am food jounaling, calorie burning and measuring right along with ya. If you want points for your inches lost you have a total of 12 pts according to the Seventh Inning stretch in our Spring into Shape Challenge! woo hoo!! you go girl!

    Big Springy hugs
    Dani Joy

  6. will you come cook me breakfast??

    people are all commenting on how great I look. i am actually about 7-10 pounds away from pre-4 baby weight. they ask me how training for the marathon is going. i tell them i've stopped training and the weight loss is from the new cancer diet. when you're on the cancer diet you have no appetite! i am thanking God for the silver lining. haha

    wish i was running with you every afternoon =)

  7. One in my family has to count calories and they realize how much they are eating when they haven't for a while and start again. An online program really helps with the paper work and calculations. And for me, it helps to just seeing what I'm eating to make sure it's balanced.

    Great job with your continued success.

  8. Calorie counting… ugh!! So not fun, but well worth it. As much as I really don't want to take part in this wonderful math class, I will. As long as you continue to blog 🙂

    Your truths you share are motivating and helps keep me going!

    Love ya!

  9. Well I'm jumping up and down for you! But I agree… No cake to celebrate!

    I love, love, love this post. This is something that I need to start doing again. I tend to "eye-ball" my measurements, but I'm sure I'm off on some of them.

    I burn a TON of calories daily (over 1,000 at least 6 days a week) and the scale isn't going down. Granted, I haven't changed my eating much.

    I weigh around 122-125, I would love to get down to 120, which I did at Christmas, but I don't want to go below that. I'm not "really" trying to get there (my husband would kill me for saying I'm wanting to lose more weight), but it's a mental goal of mine.

    Your post made me realize that I need to log what I eat everyday. I'm sure my coffee is at least 100 calories a cup with all the creamer and "poison" I put in it! And I LOVE myself some Dark Chocolate Hersey Kisses! And of course the occassional glass of wine while I read a book in my bath tub! I just don't like depriving myself of too much!

    I am SO proud of you, and I have to say SHOCKED about the 3,000-4,000 calories daily!

    Big Hugs to ya!

  10. Love your posts, dear friend!!!
    It's like I'm sitting across from you with a hot cup of coffee and something sweet to eat (low cal, of course…) Actually, I'll be sitting across from you in just TWO WEEKS!!! Can't wait to "chat" in person – until then the blog and the phone will have to do!!

  11. Hi Sandy,
    Sarah recommended we (fellow-Springing buddies) read your post today for encouragement and information.
    Just wanted to encourage you, because although I´m not a nurse, nutritionist or Dr.(just a missionary wife,mom and grandma), I know that as the portion sizes shrink, and the total intake of food decreases at each meal, the stomach wil too. Therefore with less food (and the good kind) the stomach feels full quicker.
    I´m going to try the portion control this week and see what happens. Thanks for your post and God bless you!

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